The Saudi national team will face Indonesia in its third World Cup qualifiers match tomorrow.

Riyadh, Rajab 22, 1443 AH, corresponding to February 23, 2022 AD
Tomorrow, the Saudi national basketball team will play its third match in the World Cup qualifiers, against its Indonesian counterpart at 7.15 pm at the Indoor Sports City Hall (Al-Jawhara) in Jeddah.
The Saudi team completed its preparations for the confrontation through an internal preparatory camp in Dammam, during which it played two matches with its Bahraini counterpart, winning them both.
The national team coach, Ali Al-Sanhani, stressed that the Indonesian team is one of the strong teams in the Asian continent and did not reach this stage until after a difficult journey, stressing that the Indonesian team is distinguished in transferring the ball and triple shooting, and our victory puts us in a good and motivating position for the players before facing the Lebanese team next Sunday. He wished to win the two matches and the rest of the matches in the qualifiers and achieve the aspirations of all the sports leadership in achieving a historic achievement for Saudi basketball by qualifying for the finals.
He indicated that the team enjoys great support and motivation from the Ministry of Sports and the Board of Directors of the Saudi Basketball Federation, in addition to the presence of a good group of players capable of achieving all aspirations.
In the same context, the national team will meet its Lebanese counterpart next Sunday in the same hall.
In the two matches, the team includes players Muhammad Al-Marwani, Muhammad Al-Suwailem, Ayoub Al-Hawsawi, Nasser Abu Jalas, Thamer Muhammad, Khaled Abdul-Jabbar, Muhammad Al-Saqr, Muthanna Al-Marwani, Fahd Al-Salik, Musab Qazi, Osama Al-Barqawi, Ali Al-Shubaili, Ayman Bilal and Nasser Al-Absi.
The team is supervised administratively by Yasar Mukhtar and Abdul Karim Al-Hawsawi, and under the technical supervision of the national coach Ali Al-Sanhani and his assistants Khaldoun Al-Mawlid and Krikor Kerkorian, Amir Eid as a physical trainer, and physiotherapist Salim Al-Sheikh.
The Saudi Basketball Federation has completed all the special preparations for hosting the two matches, under the supervision and follow-up of the President of the Saudi Basketball Federation, Dr. Ghassan Tashkandi, and the preparatory committees for the qualifiers, while the Federation announced that the attendance of the fans is free to support and encourage the green, and the entry ticket can be booked through the link allocated for that in the account of the website. The Saudi Basketball Federation is tense with a commitment to precautionary measures.
It is noteworthy that the Saudi national team is in Group C along with the teams of Lebanon, Indonesia and Jordan, where the group qualifiers play in the home and away system, and 3 teams from each group qualify for the second stage of the qualifiers, which includes two groups, each group consisting of 6 teams, playing in the first leg system. And the second leg, and qualifies for the World Cup from each of the first, second and third groups, in addition to the hosts (Japan and the Philippines).

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